About EDRA

NGO ''ΕΔΡΑ'' is a Non-profit organization in Greece that will provide open data in public refered to mental health. . It is under the Law 4305 "Open disposal and re-use of documents, information and public data, modification of l. 3448/2006 (A 57), adapting national legislation to the Directive 2013/37 / EU of the European Parliament and the Council, further enhancing the transparency, regulation of matters Introductory Contest E.S.D.D.A. and other provisions ". In this context, Edra calls all stakeholders (researchers, students, collective bodies, organizations and the general public or the private sector) to become users of the platform and use the capabilities that will be provided freely to the public to further the use of available data and to produce new datasets and draw conclusions on multilevel data.

Ανοιχτά Δεδομένα Έδρας

Δομή παροχής Ανοιχών Δεδομένων οργανισμού